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Watch the new Delphi Glass: The World’s First Glass that works on your iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6s Plus

Watch the new Delphi Glass: The World’s First Glass that works on your iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6s Plus

A new type of glass designed to mimic the shape and feel of the glass used in the iPhone’s screen has been unveiled.

The Delphi glass is made from a material called graphene, which is used in materials that are a combination of silicon and gold.

That means it’s not only very durable, but it can be used to form a layer of protective glass over a smartphone’s screen, the BBC reports.

It’s a very exciting development for Apple, which has been working with graphene for years.

The company’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 6 Plus, comes with a special protective case made of graphene.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone6 Plus have two camera lenses built into the back, which allows for an extremely high resolution for photos and videos.

It’s a feature that allows users to capture and take great photos at low light levels.

Graphene is not only the most durable glass in existence, but is also the most light-reflective, meaning it’s more resistant to abrasion.

It also makes it possible to build a device that’s durable and lightweight without sacrificing the speed of its software.

The graphene is also a great material for building a display that will not break down in a crash.

The new graphene-based iPhone 5s, iPhone6S, Apple Watch Series 4, and Series 5, along with a few other devices are currently available for purchase through Apple’s online store.

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