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What you need to know about the glass fall on the fall finale

What you need to know about the glass fall on the fall finale

A big glass fall in the fall premiere of The Good Wife.

(Photo: HBO)As the show’s final episode approaches, a lot has been made of the fact that the glass in the premiere was actually falling on the finale, and that was meant to be a big moment in the series’ history.

However, when the glass fell on the season finale, it caused a lot of confusion.

As of Monday night, HBO had confirmed that no, there wasn’t a big glass on the series finale.

It seems like it was a mistake on the showrunners’ part, as the producers are going to have to address the matter, even though they didn’t actually call the producers of The Last Ship to tell them it was going to happen.

Here’s what we know:In the episode, Cooper’s wife, Danielle, walks into his office to find the window on the wall shattered.

The window is clearly broken, but Cooper tells her, “Don’t worry, I’m fixing it.”

After her visit to the office, Cooper finds a large piece of glass, which is clearly falling on his desk.

He says, “Looks like you’re right,” and asks Danielle, “What do you think?”

Danielle tells him, “I think it’s the glass.”

Later that night, when Cooper walks into the restaurant, he sees a piece of broken glass.

He asks, “Where did that come from?” and Danielle says, “”The glass fell in the office,” which leads Cooper to believe that it was falling in the finale.

But there’s a problem.

According to a source familiar with the show, the episode was supposed to have the glass falling on Cooper’s desk, which was supposed a big part of the finale (although the scene was edited in post-production).

This was because the producers wanted to make sure the glass was falling on a big reveal.

The producers told us that they had to cut out some footage of Cooper breaking the glass so that it wasn’t seen on screen.

But this scene was cut, and instead of Cooper falling into the glass, it was actually Danielle falling into it.

So, when it comes to the glass actually falling in The Good Will Hunting finale, we don’t know.

But it does look like it could have happened, and it’s not the first time that a glass has fallen on the end of a cliffhanger.

We’re not ruling out the possibility that the episode’s producers cut out a moment of Cooper shattering the glass and didn’t cut out the scene that revealed Cooper breaking it, but it doesn’t look like that happened.