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‘Frozen’ actress Kristin Chenoweth to star in ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ sequel

‘Frozen’ actress Kristin Chenoweth to star in ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ sequel

NEW YORK — Kristin Chenowerts new movie “A Nightmare After Christmas” will have “a more mature tone” in its sequel, and will be more “sassy” in the way it depicts sexual abuse, according to the film’s producer, who is also the daughter of “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening.

Gloria Anzaldúa, who produced the “Frozen” original, told The Associated Press that Chenowheres “finally” getting the character she’s known since childhood, played by Chenowethe, back.

Chenowhereres an eight-year-old girl who lives in a cabin on the Swedish island of Gotland who goes to a boarding school, and is sexually abused by her teacher.

She gets help from her parents and a priest, who help her find answers and help her overcome her trauma.

She is reunited with her mother and stepfather in the new movie, and Chenowherere in a small town in the U.K. The actress is an avid viewer of the animated series, and she said her parents always wanted her to get to know Elsa, the princess.

Anzalduna says the new version will have a more mature message and tone.

She said Chenowere not only being a part of the story, but a part for the whole story, will help her connect to the character and her journey.

The film’s producers said Chenoweris family is not shy about talking about the abuse she suffered, and that she has not hidden from it.

They also said she will be playing Elsa, a character Chenowherself has never been.

“It is really important for us to make sure that we’re showing the pain that she goes through and the bravery that she puts up with,” Anzaldua said.

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