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Glass TV Stand at the California Science Center at Caltech is now free of dust

Glass TV Stand at the California Science Center at Caltech is now free of dust

A glass TV stand at the center of California’s science center is no longer subject to the dust problem that plagued the previous model, officials say.

The science center at the University of California, Berkeley announced Monday that it has purchased two of the original glass TV stands and is putting them on display for the public.

The research center said the glass stands will not need cleaning after about five years.

The original glass stands were installed at the Berkeley Science Center in the 1960s.

They were meant to replace the original TV stands which were installed in 1960 and were meant for television sets in the 1940s.

The glass stand was not a part of the Berkeley science center, but was installed there by a contractor, who was later removed from the project, the center said.

The new stands were designed by the same company, but have a unique design feature, said the center’s director of the Science and Engineering Education Program, Tom Soderlund.

He said the stand was a gift from his family and his wife.

The stand has a built-in solar panel, but will not have a power source, because the panels are not compatible with solar panels, he said.

It also has a camera, which is also not compatible.

The center has installed a new power source in the new stands, but it will not be ready until the center is finished building the science center and is ready to open, he added.

The center’s goal is to make the science building accessible to everyone, he noted.