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What to wear in 2018, and what not to?

What to wear in 2018, and what not to?

The New Scientist has a new article, The Future of Prescription Glasses: The Next 5 Years, in which it looks at how prescription glasses are changing, and at what those changes are likely to mean for consumers.

We also look at the challenges and opportunities that prescription glasses will have in the future, in this article.

The article explains how the rise of the smartphone and tablet has seen prescription glasses on the rise in recent years, with manufacturers now producing glasses for people who are not looking for them.

The article also explores how the growing popularity of prescription glasses has led to an increase in online retailers selling prescription glasses, as well as a surge in online sales of prescription lenses.

The Future ofprescription glasses is based on research conducted by a group of independent scientists who are led by Professor David Trowbridge from the University of Exeter.

Trowbridge, from the School of Computer Science at Exeter, has been researching prescription glasses for more than 10 years, using data from a large number of brands and manufacturers to analyse trends and trends in the market.

Traybridge said: “Prescription glasses are a very lucrative sector in the UK, and we’re seeing a lot of changes.”

The rise in smartphone and tablets means that the demand for prescription glasses is much greater than the supply.

“We’re seeing more and more manufacturers offering prescription glasses in the digital age, and the demand has risen rapidly.”

In the past five years, the number of prescription eyeglasses has doubled in the first half of 2018, from 1.2 million in the year ending March 2018 to 2.2 billion in the same period.

Trowbridges findings also suggest that more people are buying prescription glasses than ever before, with a quarter of the population now buying prescription eyewear, which is up from 22 per cent in 2020.

The growth in demand has led some manufacturers to offer more affordable prescription eyeclasses for those who do not want them, which has led retailers to sell more glasses for less money than in the past.

The study looked at the market for prescription eyeflags in 2018 and also looked at trends in online prescription eyescriptions, as a result of the increase in demand for prescriptions glasses.

The research team looked at sales figures for all the major brands and used data from the UK market to see how prescription eyeplasses have changed over time.

Troybridge said he believed that the rise to popularity of the mobile phone and tablet would continue to drive a lot more interest in prescription eyevines, as consumers would be looking for more affordable alternatives.

“There will be a lot that will be more of an appeal for those looking to purchase prescription glasses over the coming years,” he said.

“It’s the rise and rise of online retailers that will see more and better prescription eyeware become available.”

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