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How Trump, Comey helped push through a big deal on opioids

How Trump, Comey helped push through a big deal on opioids

Politico: President Donald Trump and his administration have played a key role in pushing through a sweeping opioid overhaul that will save millions of lives and reduce opioid deaths nationwide.

It’s a move that was applauded by the opioid industry, and by the nation as a whole.

Trump and other top administration officials have also made efforts to reduce the nation’s prescription drug abuse rate, a key goal of the opioid control program.

But the bipartisan effort has come with some problems.

The bill has been bogged down by the White House and Congress’s inability to agree on a comprehensive strategy for tackling the crisis, including how to pay for it, how to curb abuse and how to combat the nation of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that can be 50 times more potent than heroin. 

“We’ve got a problem with opioids and the White Houses failure to act on the problem,” said Marc Rotenberg, the chief executive of Harm Reduction, a group that supports a national effort to reduce opioid abuse and addiction. 

The opioid control bill passed by Congress last month includes funding for drug testing and prescribing programs, a federal opioid abuse prevention fund and other measures.

The Trump administration has argued that the measure provides money for those programs while preserving their existing funding levels. 

But experts say it’s not enough to help solve the nation`s opioid crisis. 

In an effort to curb drug abuse, the Trump administration and lawmakers are looking to curb the opioid epidemic by targeting the opioid supply chain.

 “This is about keeping the supply of opioids under control,” said Paul G. Krassner, an addiction medicine physician at Duke University.

“There is no way that this will ever solve the problem.

It`s a waste of money.”

 The bill would also extend funding for programs that target abuse in the community, such as drug treatment, substance abuse education and treatment programs. 

Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death among adults in the United States.

“We don`t need a law that says you need to take heroin for an opiate overdose,” said Sarah M. Zobrist, president and CEO of Harm Reductions.

“We need to move away from the idea that we can take drugs like opioids and say, `If you get caught with heroin, you are going to be caught with opiates,'” she said. 

Zobrist and Rotenberg said the opioid drug abuse control bill is an effort by Congress to try to save lives and improve public health.

Trump has pushed the opioid bill for years, saying he was going to end the drug epidemic, but he has since backed away from that.

The president has blamed his critics for the failure to pass the legislation.

“The idea that I was going on an anti-drug crusade is ridiculous,” Trump said in October.

Zobris said the legislation would have the biggest impact on opioid abuse.

“It`s going to help the drug problem and we will save a lot of lives,” she said, adding that it could save more than $20 billion in prescription drug costs and $200 million per year in emergency room visits.

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