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How to brew your own cocktail glasses

How to brew your own cocktail glasses

The world’s first “smart” glass is about to arrive.

Glassmugs and coasters are already popular, and a handful of smart glasses are available for the iPhone and Android, but it’s not yet clear whether a smart drink bottle will be as ubiquitous as coffee, tea, or wine.

The glass mugs you see here were designed by an Israeli glass manufacturer and made in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

They look like normal glasses, but they are made of glass.

“These are the glasses that we have used for over 100 years.

We believe that these glasses are a perfect solution for consumers who are looking for a solution that will be reliable, environmentally friendly and will provide a high quality beverage,” the company told Mashable in a statement.

It’s not clear how the glasses work, but the company claims they will be able to detect the amount of carbon dioxide in a beverage and provide information about the beverage’s carbon content to the user.

With this, the glass can be used as a coffee filter, as a carbon monitor, as an air filter, and more.

This is a photo of the glassware in its entirety, as the glass has a glass tip and it’s attached to a glass stand that the glass molds into.

You can’t see the actual glass, but you can see the glass tip, and it looks like a coffee cup with a small glass rim.

While this may not sound very practical, the company says it is the first in a line of glasses that are specifically designed to detect carbon dioxide.

I’m excited to finally have a glass of water to drink and use to clean my hair, I say to myself.

I know I am not the only one, says the glass maker.

These glasses are going to be used to monitor and collect CO2 from drinks, and they will also be used for drinking.

A few glasses have already been sold, but this is the biggest one to date.

When this product hits the market, Glassmugs will be the first company to offer this feature, according to the company.

According to the Israeli startup, the glasses are the first “carbon monitor glasses” that have been designed with a carbon sensor on the tip of the bottle.

Once they’re sold, the bottles will be delivered to customers.

If you like the idea of glass muzzles, you might also like the Glassmuds app for iPhone and Google Android.

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