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The best 4K TV sets you can buy online (and buy them in person)

The best 4K TV sets you can buy online (and buy them in person)

The good: Most of these models have a built-in OLED screen, which is ideal for watching movies and gaming.

The bad: These are all pricey.

The Vizio QHD X4 is the only model that offers a full 1080p resolution, but it’s only a little over $800.

It’s not nearly as bright as the Samsung UHD TV, and it’s more expensive.

The Asus Transformer Book X3 is a little more expensive, but the display’s brightness is just as bright.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is another model that can only be found online.

The best of the bunch: The Samsung UBD TV, which offers a 1080p TV with HDR10 support.

It starts at $1,199.

The price tag is steep for a $500 TV, but its 4K HDR10 picture is excellent.

If you can’t get the Vizio UBD, then consider the Samsung AMZN-A850A1A.

It has a 4K display, and its HDR10 image is better than most of these, but you’ll pay more.

The Samsung QHD LED TV has a 5K display that also supports HDR10, but is only $300 cheaper.

It only offers 1080p, so you’ll have to consider the UBD for 4K.

It can be had for $1.9, and you can find it online for about $1 more.

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