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How to Get a Glass Job at Apple Glass: How to Apply

Posted April 04, 2018 08:08:30Apple Glass is an innovative product that helps people communicate with others using a pair of glasses.

The company announced it has created a new service called Glass Jobs that will allow its Glass community to submit resumes and cover letters for Apple Glass jobs.

Apple Glass Jobs will let Glass workers apply to jobs across a wide range of fields including customer service, marketing, product design, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Jobs are also eligible to apply to Apple’s global supply chain program, according to a company blog.

The company is encouraging people who are looking to fill Apple Glass roles to submit resume and cover letter information to its Glass Jobs application.

Jobs can also search for the Glass Jobs job listings and use the search function to narrow their search results to the most relevant Glass Jobs applications.

Jobs will post the resumes and covers letter to the Glass Job Application Board on the company’s Glass Jobs website.

The Glass Jobs service has been a hit with people applying for Glass jobs, according the company.

“The Glass Job application board is a great place for Glass workers to connect with other Glass workers and get feedback on their application,” said Jennifer Estrada, vice president of Apple Glass.

“We’ve had a huge response from Glass workers across the world who are eager to get started.”

Apple Glass also announced it is expanding its Glass Hub and will add support for Glass 3D printing in the coming weeks.

“Apple Glass will be adding support for the latest Glass 3d printing technology to make it easier for Glass and Glass users to communicate with one another,” Estradas said.

Apple Glass will also begin providing Glass Hub integration in iOS 9.1.3.

Apple added that Glass Hub support will be available for iOS 9 through the end of April, but only for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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To learn more about Apple Glass, read our Apple Glass product guide.

Apple is an Apple Inc. company that makes and sells the Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Pay, and the Apple Pay app.

The watch and app were acquired by Google in 2015.

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