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How Israel’s military uses ‘Glass Window’ to cover its secrets

How Israel’s military uses ‘Glass Window’ to cover its secrets

Israel’s army is using a series of strategically placed glass windows to cover the country’s secrets.

In addition to protecting the country from terrorists and foreign spies, Israel’s secretive military uses the glass windows as a way to maintain control over its population and conduct its covert operations.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman told Channel 2 News on Tuesday that the windows were used to conceal information from the media.

The windows are placed between the windows of a mobile telephone and the military radio tower, which the Israeli military uses as a communication hub.

“These windows are used to hide the presence of our intelligence officers and our special forces, the special intelligence services, from the public, who are all exposed to the same information,” Liberman said.

Israel’s military has been using these glass windows since the mid-2000s, when it was built by Israel Aerospace Industries.

In 2010, the military began installing glass windows in military facilities across the country, a move that critics say was designed to increase the military’s military-industrial secrecy.

“They’re supposed to protect the information from anyone but the government and from the enemy,” said Amos Harel, a former Israeli intelligence officer and professor at the University of Haifa.

“They’re also supposed to hide it from foreign governments, the media, and other foreign agents.

It’s an extraordinary tool.

And it’s used a lot.

They’re used in the Middle East, not just in Israel.”

Liberman’s comments came just days after he announced that the military was moving ahead with a plan to install a new version of its military communications network.

“I have ordered the creation of a new, state-of-the-art network of communications,” Liberma said on Monday.

“It will be an advanced communications network, which will be capable of connecting the entire Israeli Army, from command to the battlefield, in real time.”

“I don’t think the country is ready for it,” he said.

“I don�t think the people of Israel are ready for this.

We have to build it, and we have to be ready for the next war.

We have a plan, we are implementing it, we�re building it, the rest will come.””

What do I need to do to make it happen?

We have a plan, we are implementing it, we�re building it, the rest will come.”

Israel�s military has also been using its secret communication network to coordinate military exercises.

In March, for example, the army announced that it would be sending troops to the remote, remote-controlled remote-control base of Mount Hermon, in the Mediterranean Sea.

The base, near the Israeli coast, has been used to conduct several drills, including one last year in which the army deployed dozens of soldiers in camouflage uniforms, some of them wearing face masks, on a remote island in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Liberman did not mention the deployment by name.

But military officials have previously said that the army uses remote-operated vehicles, such as the Predator drone, to conduct aerial reconnaissance.

“The military is constantly moving towards more advanced surveillance, information gathering and information sharing capabilities, to ensure its security,” a statement from the Israeli defense ministry said.

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