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Which of the big six banks are worth a fortune?

Which of the big six banks are worth a fortune?

The biggest banks in Australia, including the big four, have all been hit by the financial crisis.

They are: Western Australia’s Perth-based Commonwealth Bank, which closed down in October; the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which was acquired by Chinese-backed China Construction Bank; the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), which became the Commonwealth’s largest lender in September; and the Commonwealth Superannuation Fund, which is owned by the Commonwealth.

The bank, which has been at the centre of the Australian banking crisis, has reported a loss of $9.4 billion since March last year.

“It’s a bit like a hurricane in terms of the amount of damage done to the bank,” Commonwealth Bank CEO Steven Lowy told Fairfax Media.

In a separate development, the Federal Government has decided to freeze the interest rates charged on Commonwealth savings accounts for the first time in more than a decade. “

The fact is that the APRA’s portfolio has been significantly weakened by the crisis, so we’re not going to be able to support the company as it is at the moment.”

In a separate development, the Federal Government has decided to freeze the interest rates charged on Commonwealth savings accounts for the first time in more than a decade.

The interest rates on savings accounts were set to rise from 4.5 per cent to 6 per cent this month but have been frozen for the next two years.

The freeze is a response to the crisis which saw $5.3 trillion of savings taken out in the financial year that ended in June.

The Government also cut the interest rate on the Government Pension, which provides the majority of the payments for workers and retirees.

The government has also cut pension benefits for people aged over 65.

The Federal Government says the freeze is necessary to protect future retirees from the loss of a guaranteed pension.

The change will take effect from July 1.

The banks also have some tough news ahead.

Western Australia-based Western Australian Bank is one of the three big banks to report losses.

Its losses totalled $7.9 billion, and its shares dropped 2.4 per cent on the Australian Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

The lender also reported a $6.5 billion profit for the year to June 30.

“This is the fourth quarter in a row that we’ve reported losses and we’re continuing to report the results in the most positive terms,” the bank’s chief financial officer, Mark Devereux, said.

“Given that we’re in a cyclical environment, we’re doing our best to minimise the impact on our financial position, but in the short term it’s really important for us to remain focused on the long-term.”

Western Australia has been hit particularly hard by the collapse in commodity prices.

The state is one for which the Commonwealth has been struggling, as its mining sector has been affected by the global commodity price slump.

In December, it was revealed the Reserve Bank was considering cutting interest rates from 4 per cent at the beginning of the year.

In a statement, the Reserve said it would be “difficult to predict” when rates would return to their previous levels.

It also said it was still considering whether to raise rates again this year.

However, the bank has been the victim of a number of severe market events.

It was hit by a severe storm on May 24, when the Bank of England cut interest rates by an unprecedented 5 per cent, a move which caused panic among the banks in the state.

The loss of that rate cut was followed by a $1.6 billion loss on its debt portfolio.

This led to a drop in its stock price, which plunged more than 40 per cent by the end of March.

In June, the state’s biggest insurer, Western Power, reported a net loss of more than $5 billion.

The Bank of Queensland also announced its own loss, but the results were not as dramatic.

The Brisbane-based bank said it had a net profit of $1 billion, an increase of $300 million from the previous year.

The Queensland government’s new chief financial Officer, Dr Michael Kelly, has also been a big hit by interest rates.

Dr Kelly told the ABC’s AM program on Monday he was “shocked” by the state of the financial state of Queensland.

He said the banks were all struggling to stay afloat and he believed that the state was in a “polarised financial environment”.

“We have a very fragmented economy and a very fractured state,” Dr Kelly said.

The State Government said the interest costs were the result of a “very challenging economic environment”.

The state had seen the worst of the global commodities price slump, with commodity prices falling by over 30 per cent over the last two months.

“That’s not the worst economic environment in the world,” Dr Devereaux said.

He also pointed to the state having the highest percentage of workers on pension, with a higher proportion of those aged over 60, as well as a lower proportion of people in employment.

“I think what’s happening in Queensland is that a large proportion of workers are not in the labour force, and that’s

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