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The Glass Steagall Act, which would allow for glass and metal to be mixed into new consumer products

The Glass Steagall Act, which would allow for glass and metal to be mixed into new consumer products

A bill passed in the US House of Representatives this week would allow a manufacturer to mix up a consumer product with a metal that could potentially cause it to fail.

The bill was introduced by Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) who, like many Democrats, opposes the Glass Steampunker Act.

It would allow manufacturers to blend metal and glass in new consumer goods products.

Cohen has made the legislation a top priority in his state, and has vowed to reintroduce it in his own state as soon as he gets to Washington DC.

While many of the metal components used in new glass products could not be mixed with glass, such as glass panels and glass windows, it is possible that such materials could be mixed in new products, as long as the ingredients are not dangerous.

But it is not just glass that could be used in the future, according to a study published in a scientific journal by a group of international scientists in March 2017.

The study looked at the chemistry and structure of various metals used in glass.

The team of researchers concluded that the new materials would not only increase the life span of glass products, but could also improve the durability of glass panels.

The new materials have a number of uses, including building materials, food and beverage products, and medical and dental equipment.

They could also be used as a coating for metals, which are known to have high levels of nickel, cadmium, cobalt and other elements, according the authors.

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