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How to dress in style in 2020: A look at the 10 hottest trends

How to dress in style in 2020: A look at the 10 hottest trends

The 10 hottest fashion trends in 2020, according to the fashion industry.


Dresses in a variety of fabrics: If you are a style icon, you should wear fabrics that are versatile and easy to style.

Look for soft and feminine pieces with minimal seams, and be sure to wear a suit with contrasting colors.

For a more casual look, check out simple dress shirts or a pair of jeans.


Color choices: If your wardrobe is all about color, look for bright prints and muted fabrics that have a soft glow.

A soft, wearable fabric like cotton or wool is perfect for a dress, skirt, or blouse.


Look different in a suit: Dress up in a dress or skirt with a blazer and a jacket.

If you want to go more casual, go with a suit that has pockets, or wear a tailored jacket that’s cut with a button and cuffs.


Wear a bow tie: The bow tie is an American institution.

A bow tie makes a great statement, especially for the summer.

You can wear it in a jacket, skirt or blazer.


Make a statement: If that is not enough, wear a simple white dress shirt or dress pants with a subtle collar.

Look at how it looks on the outside and on the inside.


Wear your own shoes: Don’t skip out on purchasing a pair.

There are many great options on the market.


Avoid over-sizing: Dress with a slimmer waist and a narrower leg.

A slim fit is also a good option.


Don’t wear skinny jeans: Don a slim-cut pair of dress pants that are not too long or too short.

These are great for the day and for summer.


Avoid wearing high heels: If it’s hot out, it’s time to try your luck in heels.

A pair of slim-fitting shoes or sandals will be perfect for the hot weather.


Be sure to look stylish: Look good in jeans and a blouse and a dress shirt and a pair for a casual look.

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