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Google Glass magnifying Glass app, collins glass

Google Glass magnifying Glass app, collins glass

The Google Glass project has been ongoing for over a year now.

The Glass developer team was working on a software package that would allow developers to add augmented reality features to Glass.

However, as we have already reported, Google announced that the package was discontinued.

In order to bring back the Glass developer platform, a new developer platform called ZenniGlass was released on GitHub in May of 2018.

Zenni Glass uses the same platform as the developer platform and is intended to be used with Google Glass.

It is essentially an application that lets developers add a variety of augmented reality applications to Glass without having to use the Glass SDK.

The app uses Google Glass SDKs to create an API that allows the developer to build the application.

The developer platform uses the Glass API to create a set of tools that allow developers create augmented reality apps that work on Glass.

This makes the app much easier to integrate into existing Glass apps.

There are a number of useful tools included in the application that let developers create simple augmented reality experiences.

The Zennis Glass SDK includes an ARKit library, which is a collection of tools for building applications that use the ARKit framework.

It allows developers to write applications that are compatible with Glass and other AR headsets.

The Zennies ARKit tools let developers to build apps that use ARKit to interact with Glass.

In addition, the Zenniy project provides a library for creating applications that include ARKit, and then includes the Glass ARKit libraries as part of the applications.

Zennity allows developers the ability to add additional ARKit elements to Glass apps to make the applications more immersive and useful.

The application uses a number.

The application also includes a set-up wizard that allows developers access to an AR display for a Glass headset.

The AR display will allow users to navigate around and interact with the augmented reality experience.

The developers of Zenny have released a tool that allows Glass users to create AR apps that can be shared via the Glass app store.

Zawni Glass is available as an open-source SDK and is available for use on the Google Play Store.

If you have Glass or other AR glasses that you would like to see included in your AR experience, check out the Zawnicast Glass SDK for ARKit support.

Source: Google

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