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How to use a magnifying lens to tell a story

How to use a magnifying lens to tell a story

If you’re looking for a unique way to tell your story with photos, video or a video chat, this magnifying tool might be right for you.

Photo: Getty Images.

The PhotoMag app is a digital photo and video editing tool that lets you take pictures and videos from your iPhone or iPad and upload them to Facebook or Google Photos.

PhotoMag has a lot going for it: it’s free, the app lets you upload photos from a variety of different locations, and it has some great features for photo and videographers.

For example, if you want to use your camera as a photo editor, you can use the app to edit photos and videos on your iPhone.

But the app is also a little more limited than a photo and vid editor.

Photo mag apps have to have an app icon and a few other settings to show up in your iPhone’s Settings app.

This means that you’ll need to add your photo or video settings manually.

To do that, open PhotoMag from your Home screen, and tap Settings.

Tap on PhotoMag’s icon in the top left corner.

Tap Photos.

Tap the Edit button.

You’ll need a photo, video, or audio file to upload to the app.

Once you have a photo or a Video or Audio file uploaded, tap OK.

If you want your app to show you the settings for each app, tap on the icon next to the PhotoMag icon to bring up the app settings menu.

To add your settings to the photos or videos, tap Add Settings in the bottom-right corner of the photo or Video or audio app.

You can add settings for both the Camera app and the Video and Audio apps.

You will need to change the Photo Mag app’s icon to show the app’s settings.

Once all of your settings are set up, you’ll see a new screen when you tap the Photos icon.

You won’t need to scroll to see the settings, and you’ll be able to add photos and video without having to open the app first.

If, like us, you don’t use a smartphone, the Photo mag app lets the photo editing feature work well with your other apps, like Instagram.

If we like our photos to look good, we use PhotoMag to edit them.

If our photos don’t look good enough for Instagram, we’ll use Photo Mag to edit their photos.

Photo Mag has a few different photo editing options that we think are very useful.

You could edit your photos with the iPhone’s built-in photo editor.

We found that the Photo editor is a very good way to create a professional looking photo with little to no fuss.

To get started, just open Photo Mag on your phone and tap on File > Open.

Once PhotoMag opens, tap the + icon next and tap Photos.

In the top-right, tap Photo.

In Photos, tap your photo.

In a list, tap Edit > Open > Photos.

You may see an “Add photo” icon.

Tap Add photo to save your changes.

When you’re done, you should see a list of all your changes on the screen.

Once the edits are complete, tap Done.

Photo apps can be really useful for videographers, too.

If your videographer uses a DSLR or other professional camera, PhotoMag can be a handy tool to take great shots from your camera.

If not, you might be better off using your iPhone to edit video or audio.

If that’s the case, you could use the Photomag app to add some editing settings.

In this example, we added a little extra flair to our photos using the Photo app to give them a little bit of flair.

When we opened up our photo, we had a bunch of edits to do.

For the best photos, we’d add a bit of white balance and a darkening effect.

We used the photo editor to add a little color.

If this is a more standard photo you could also add some highlights.

You’d want to leave the rest of the edits alone.

Finally, you’d want some darkening in the background.

This could be something like a white background.

To see all your edits in one big list, simply tap Edit.

You should see the list of edits in a list.

Tap Edit again to save changes.

Once everything is done, your photo is ready for editing.

If the photos look like they were edited from a computer, you may want to open up your camera app and start editing from your computer.

You don’t have to worry about the photo’s quality, either.

The app lets us preview our edits from a few photos that were taken with our camera.

When the photo is finished, you will see the preview.

Tap Done to save edits.

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