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Why is the next big thing in AI just ira glasses?

Why is the next big thing in AI just ira glasses?

The world’s biggest technology company is working on an augmented reality headset that could be used by soldiers in the Middle East.

AstraZeneca, the world’s largest maker of medical devices, unveiled the first version of the VisionShield in March.

Its makers say it’s a way to “provide an effective and comfortable platform for soldiers in conflict areas.”

It’s not yet clear whether the technology could work with glasses, but a company spokesperson said in a statement that it would be tested on “military-relevant individuals.”

The technology is already being used in virtual reality applications.

A team of engineers and scientists at Stanford University, working with DARPA, is using it to create a virtual reality experience that shows soldiers as they walk in front of an AI turret.

“When you look at a soldier, it’s not the person in front, it is a virtual model,” the team said in an Aug. 24 blog post.

“The person in the front is a hologram.

They are walking through a 3D model of a battle and the real-time view of their position is augmented by the AI.”

The company said it will also be able to “show soldiers where the enemy is, as well as provide them with maps, target locations, and other information.”

The VisionShield is a combination of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and a high-performance camera that can capture high-resolution images of a battlefield.

It’s made of three lenses, with the top lens providing 360-degree vision while the lower two are the sensors for the cameras.

The company said that the glasses will be used in future AR headsets and that it is working with a number of manufacturers to make them.

“We are excited about our vision, and excited to bring VisionShield to market,” the company said.

“This is the future.”

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