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How to get glass into your eyes

How to get glass into your eyes

This article contains images of the glass pendants we’ve used to show you the effects of a glass-filled glass lamp in our experiment. 

The glasses contain a transparent material that, when touched, causes a reaction in your eyes. 

They are often called glass light bulbs. 

When you look at a light bulb, the glass emits light that has the same colour as the light bulb. 

We use the term glass lamp because it is made of glass, not the transparent material of a lightbulb. 

If you are not familiar with glass lightbulbs, they are made of a liquid crystal with an insulator. 

The glass absorbs and captures light and uses it to create a glowing beam. 

Because the light is so bright, you can see the reflection of the light from the lamp. 

In our experiment, we found that the light emitted from the glass lamp illuminated the surrounding environment in just the same way that a lamp emits light. 

Glass lightbulBalls also have a small footprint. 

You can buy a bottle of glass light bulb bulbs at your local pharmacy for £7. 

They’re also available online from many UK stores and from some Chinese online retailers. 

Although they’re often used for light-catching, we’re not sure if they are particularly useful in a light-sensitive environment like a laboratory. 

It would be interesting to investigate if they can be used to provide light for human eyes or for other types of medical devices. 

This is because our experiment also showed that the glass light-bulbs do not cause any eye damage. 

How to use a glass light lamp We used a cheap glass light fixture from Ikea called the glass bulb.

You could buy a cheap one from any Ikea. 

There are two types of glass bulbs.

The cheapest type is called a ‘single bulb’ and the second type is ‘double bulb’. 

Single bulb lamps are ideal for using in labs and classrooms. 

Double bulb lamps have to be installed by the customer. 

A glass light box can be purchased at most hardware stores. 

For our experiment we needed to use one of the ‘double’ glass bulb lamps, but you can buy two or more at Ikea for just £6. 

To use the glass lamps we used a light stand that was made from a wooden box that is about the size of a large laptop computer. 

Our experiment lasted only about 20 minutes. 

All of the images in this article were taken using a Canon EOS Rebel T3i digital camera and a Sony NEX-7.

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