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Who needs glasses when you can wear a cat?

Who needs glasses when you can wear a cat?

This week we have a story about the cat, and it’s about the cats, of course!

If you’re unfamiliar with cats, we recommend you go check out this article: https://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/07/05/why-did-cats-suddenly-take-over-technology/cat-and-senses-cats.html Here’s a quick explanation: Cat senses.

You know, a cat senses.

It’s very similar to the way humans do, except the cat has a very special kind of sensory perception called cat-sense, and cats have developed the ability to do that in a way that we can’t.

When a cat spots something it sees, it goes to that spot and immediately starts to run, but it can’t run anywhere else.

So the cat starts to track its surroundings and see what it can find.

It’s a lot like the way we see the world, except that the cat’s vision is sharper, it can see more clearly, and when it’s running, it runs faster.

And it can also sense what’s around it, and its scent, which means that the animal will know exactly where it is.

Here’s a picture of a cat with a cat-sensory cat tracker.

This is a cat sitting at a desk.

In this picture, the cat is standing on a chair, while the cat-stalker is sitting on the other side of the desk.

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