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How to clean your shower glass

How to clean your shower glass

There’s no question the shower glass you wash every night has a lot of bacteria and viruses.

But there’s also no doubt there’s a lot you can do to make it less likely to get infected.

Here’s what you need to know:What are shower windows?

Shower windows are glass doors that can be opened and closed by using a screwdriver.

It’s a common design because they’re easy to repair and easy to clean.

What’s a shower window?

Showers have a number of advantages over windows.

For one, they’re more durable.

Shower windows can last for decades, which is a boon when you have kids who need to be out in the world a lot.

They’re also more aesthetically pleasing than windows that open from the inside, and they’re less likely and less expensive to replace.

How to clean shower glass1.

Use a screw driver to loosen the screws holding the shower window shut2.

Insert the screwdriver into the shower wall, pulling it out to loosen it, and then using a knife or something sharp to cut the window in half3.

Using a toothpick, scrape the excess glass from the side of the window and rinse it with a little dishwashing liquid4.

Replace the shower windows with new ones5.

If you have children, replace the shower doors with new glass doors to keep them out of the showerWhen you have a shower, make sure to clean it thoroughly, too.

Showers aren’t perfect.

If they’ve gotten dirty from the chemicals they’re sprayed with or the bacteria in them, that can lead to mold and mold growth.

So if you’re worried about that, try cleaning them at a home improvement store or a local garden center.

If that doesn’t work, ask a local cleaning service for recommendations.

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